The Most Convenient & Reliable Pantry Supplies for Offices

The extended categories of our supplies give you access to a variety of pantry items that are rich in nutrients. A collection of non-perishable items that you can keep in reserve for over amonth and yet is healthy and convenient.



Dairy Products

Food Serving and Supplies


Sweets and Chocolates

Vending Machine and Supplies

Our Brands

We cater items from the most famous food chains in the industry that meets our exact quality standards.

Practice Smart Buying with Kobster’s Elite - The Leading eProcurement Tool

Our intuitive procurement system puts all the office supplies in instant view making it easy-to- purchase, with the aim of providing high efficiency, effective control of time, labour and cost.

Pan India Standard Catalogue

Fom office supplies to electronics to hardware tools, we have a standardized product catalog across India.

Digital Invoices, DRs & POs

Businesses have access to detailed and downloadable invoices of their purchase orders.

Personalized CRM

Elite customers have the privilege to personalised CRM. this is an efficient and robust feature of the tool.

Order Tracking

This tool is designed with a simple order tracking feature that helps you manage the status of your procurement.

New Product Request

Request for new products based on the business requirement.

Easy Approval System

Elite owners are given access to quick and intuitive approval systems matching the corporate roles and rules.