In recent times, many organisations have gained a better understanding of the contribution of procurement to cut costs such that it affects the bottom line positively.

Despite the fact that procurement is an essential function in the daily activities in an organisation, there still continues to be a debate, that the functions of procurement cannot yield enough savings and thereby its functions are not much appreciated.

As procurement professionals, you might want to see your department being considered at the table while making crucial decisions, yet, it is not as easy to convince those at the top. The leaders are becoming aware of the principle fact that cutting costs alone is not enough to improve efficiency.

So if doing traditional procurement does not elevate your place on the agenda, then what should you do to become a part of the C-Suite?

Perhaps, it is difficult to find one solution that fixes all the problems, but you can start with changing your approach.

Are you wondering how to do it?

You need to bring savings to the table, but the way to do it is not limited to buying a product at a lesser price this year compared to the previous year. There are multiple ways to achieve it.

Starting from the first step in the procurement process, Finding a supplier and up to the last, getting your product delivered; you can save a considerable amount of money, time and resources, thereby improving efficiency and reaching the bottom line.

Organisations operate in a highly competitive environment, so you need to use a system that equalises your reputation and requirement. So you have to choose the best e-procurement solution that checks all these boxes right.

Kobster is one such e-procurement solution that is being used by some of the prestigious organisations. Ofcourse, it’s function saves cost but it streamlines your processes, reduces manual errors, you can buy every category of office supplies you need; right from stationery to the pantry, electronics to housekeeping etc., you can also get your supplies delivered to all the major cities in India with no delivery charges.

The system will keep your records in order with e-Invoices and Delivery Receipts. A regular report of what you purchased, when you purchased, for how much and what savings did you make will be sent to you to help you assess and plan your next procurement.

As I mentioned earlier, cost-savings will always be appreciated, but the new approach is to add more value to the organisation. It is about “Strategic Sourcing” and it has now become the priority. It is time to change your mindset and reinvent your procurement process. Check Kobster now!