Offline vs Online Procurement
It’s time! All you need to change about your Procurement technique is to go ONLINE!

Offline Procurement has always been a cake-walk for all of the Procurement Managers and Admins because of the inherent nature of the workflow. The inference was adhered through various kinds of awareness to them in particular involving deep syllabuses defining “Procurement” through an offline medium. Their understanding of Procurement has always been an offline affair and the companies that they work for also feels that the requirements of the workforce can only be met when there is an actual vendor negotiation that is mouth to mouth. The stigma that is attached with offline Procurement’s efficiency is immense and in a nation like India, a company is more concerned about evaluating an employee’s efficiency through the amount of time spent to close a particular requirement, “the more time spent the more efficiency.”

Yes! Offline Procurement has been efficient, I repeat “Has been”

In terms of the efficiency of Offline Procurement, it has always been the real case scenario of how a Procurement team would function. Meeting a vendor in person in a huge city market, negotiating with prices and the cycle of getting it delivered has always been the criterion of the marks that the Procurement team yearns from any Management per say. The Procurement Team also feels it to be the right way to earn brownie points to convince the Management and keep themselves engaged with it.

Isn’t it high time that the efficiency of Procurement is redefined?

The efficiency of Procurement is often calculated with the quality, ability of “actually” negotiating and foreseeing the future i.e stock availability. When all of this is expected to be performed by an individual consisted in a team of like-minded people, it is highly impossible, at least when the requirements of the firm has shot up to a whooping unbelievable numbers. Well, anybody at the end of the day could argue that this can be tackled by hiring more resources to the team. Hiring does help, but the manual procurement is going to get expensive as the team gets bigger and bigger. Resources hired can be made use of in a more efficient manner and they can be observed with a pumped up efficiency of more than 25%, if online procurement tools like Kobster Elite are used.

Why can’t Online Procurement be embraced in the place of hiring resources when it is absolutely “FREE”?

Transformation from Offline Procurement has just one cons, which is related to the psychoanalysis of the Management of the firm. If the Management feels strong about sticking to offline procurement, it is entirely under the impression of disbelief in Technology and not on the fear of how it’ll go wrong. There is a usual taboo attached with shifting from offline procurement to online form is that the Online e-commerce firms cannot provide “Technology for FREE”, the companies also strongly feels that the online “facilities” given to them by e-commerce firms are discreetly paid by them. This could be leading to other doubts about selling the same product offline by other vendors with the same price, which often raises eyebrows of “How e-commerce firms provide the user with the same product with the same price or moreover even lesser.

So, the Technology that is provided to the user is absolutely free of cost and there are no hidden charges that are being extorted from the users be it an end user or a business firm. Going online has another advantage of having a clear idea of what the purchase is all about, with all the specifications and product images online, the user is empowered to an extent where they choose to buy or not with the security of secured gateways for an encrypted transaction and with the option(s) of different payment methods.

Leaving aside the one stop-shop, a shop that is a virtual reality and makes things easier with just a click, Kobster Elite- A new age Procurement Tool, which helps the businesses to closely analyse and be aware of what they are ordering. In simple words, the technology that Kobster Elite is built on is exclusively for its users. The platform is built by reading the user’s psychology from the aspect of the profession that they are a part of. Though Kobster Elite is for Corporates,  SMEs and other businesses, the developers of the platform understood that there is going to be one user in every firm using the portal and it has to be beneficiary for that particular user, who has to be at an advantage all the time. This advantage of the “Main User” can easily be equated to the entire firm being the “End Users” advantageous.

Simple Configuration and Scalability is an advantage of Kobster Elite, it can be configured to suit the individual needs or both the buyer and the supplier, and can grow with the organisation as needs be. It is important to select suppliers for both the current requirement as well as possible future need so gaining an understanding of the technical infrastructure development plans of suppliers will help buyers to select possible longer term partners.

On a less ambiguous note, we would like to explain on how e-Procurement has been the best available option yet. The table below can explain how e-Procurement has always been the better option-

Offline vs Online Procurement - Table

This table comprehensively compares the time taken for Procuring a Product Offline and Time take for Procuring a Product Online.