Senior Executive – Administration, FLSmidth Private Limited

Swathy holds pride in being a woman and setting an example for many women in today’s generation. She believes in delivering the best in everything that comes her way. Swathy is inspired by Dr. Srikala Prasad who is extremely dedicated to her profession and offers a selfless service.

Procurement is all about finding the best and getting the best
According to Swathy, the major challenge is not only the cost crunch but also about finding a perfect vendor who can deliver the required materials on time, in the best quality, at the best price. Swathy also mentioned that it is essential to maintain relationships with the vendors to hold a mutual understanding and get the best from the vendor’s bucket. To her, procurement is all about finding the best and getting the best.

 Learn New Things Everyday
Women sometimes are not very confident in their abilities, but to work hard, learn new things should be a part of everyday living. She also suggests that women should plan their future goals and finances effectively to have a bright seamless and successful future ahead.

A Quote that Inspires You
“What you think of yourself is much more important than what others think of you”
-Marcus Annaeus Seneca

Digital is the Future
To Swathy, procurement is no more paper-based. The roles of the procurement departments are now more focused on the strategy front than that on the manual side. It is important to hold the right skill sets to be a part of the strategic procurement team, have the know-how of data analysis, as the future of procurement totally relies on data-driven decisions.