Group Manager – Administration, Accelya Kale Solutions Limited

Sandhya Advani is a powerful woman in the procurement industry today. She started her career in 1999 and holds 27 years of experience in varied domains. Sandhya is a highly educated woman of intelligence and simplicity. She has worked in various domains such as IT, Aviation, Education, BPO, and Travel. She faces challenges boldly and looks at each challenge as an opportunity to make things better.

Procurement requires you to be foresighted, visionary and a strategic thinker
As Sandhya moved from one industry domain to the next, each new position has been a learning experience. The best practices learnt in various companies have evolved Sandhya into a thorough professional.  Her background in Law guides her to understand the nuances of various contracts and has helped Sandhya to protect her company’s interests.

Age has not dimmed her passion and excitement for learning. According to her, Procurement can be as simple or as challenging as you make it. Procurement requires you to be foresighted, visionary and a strategic thinker of what is the best option for the company. Procurement when done strategically, with thorough analysis, drives results.

A Woman in a Man’s World
The world is curious to know what the women in procurement can do. When a woman wants to be in this industry, she needs to be prepared to handle every task from core to crust. She needs to have the passion and determination to keep herself updated, excel in every task she takes up and provide the best she can to the industry. She’s a woman in a Man’s world and has to prove she can be equally good if not better.

The Book that Inspires You?
Sandhya is an avid fan of Robin Sharma’s Books, among which her favourite is “The monk who sold his Ferrari, The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO

Tech-driven Procurement
To her, procurement has a bright future in India. With competition increasing and profit margins becoming slimmer, there is an opportunity for technology-driven procurement processes which supported by data, accelerates the decision making and works out more cost effective, directly adding to the bottom line of the company. In times where a rupee saved is a rupee earned, the procurement professional can indeed go a long way in creating his space in the boardroom.