Country Real Estate & Procurement Expert, – India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Iran DNV GL – Global Shared Services

Rakhi Binoy has over a decade of experience in the facilities management and procurement industry. As taught to be humble and strong, she mentions that appreciating yourself is important to stay motivated in the corporate world.

Procurement is a way to directly contribute to the growth of a company
Procurement in many ways helps an organisation to achieve its target. For Rakhi, it aids her to contribute to the growth of her firm – probably not through the revenue, but through the profit. She strongly believes that “Money saved is the money earned well”.

The Favourite Quote

“Work hard in silence and let your success make the noise”

If a woman thinks she has a flair for this job, then this should be her world
Over the years, the procurement industry has become dominated by men. Besides that, Rakhi believes that if a woman thinks she has a flair for this job, then this should be her world. Women possess natural qualities needed for procurement such as high EQ, multi-tasking, strong negotiation skills, the ability to build and maintain cohesive teams.

It’s a Right Time and Right Place to be in
Rakhi specifies that big data and analytics can bring about a new vision to procurement in India. The analytical capabilities can truly change the game, enabling procurement to unlock the real value of large amounts of structured and unstructured data and get to the next level of impact on enterprise-wide performance. Infact, now we are at the right time and place to witness the next-level procurement.