Global Head -Human Resource & Administration, Cox & Kings Limited

Working since 1982, Padmini is now working for more than 3 decades. Her perspective on procurement and women’s contribution to the industry is unique and the experiences she gained over the last 35 years adds solid credibility to it. She started her career at the age of 19 with the Taj Group of Hotels. Over the years she has worked with GE, Wipro and Aditya Birla.  Even today she holds a powerful grit to learn and accomplish every day.

In Procurement, ask WHAT and not WHY, HOW or WHEN
Every industry has its own set of challenges but what differentiates our ability to tackle them is our perspective. Padmini is a woman of ideas, and she never believes in giving up. Her determinant nature makes her look for new opportunities that come her way. She added that she believed in the “WHAT” than the “WHY, HOW, WHEN” and never had any doubts about herself. She is confident and trusts that with constant curiousness and contribution at work will reward her with bigger and better opportunities every time.

Age gracefully and stay passionate!
Even though this society has still not accepted women for who we are, everyone is interdependent and interconnected to one another, so let us not focus too much on fighting for independence, because independence is one thing that needs to be accomplished at the soul level. Find the freedom of your soul and feel independent.

The digital procurement to avoid human errors
Procurement is evolving. As the way to do businesses is changing, and the service industry is customer-driven, it is important for businesses to drift the digital procurement to avoid human errors and have a closer check on the data points. The strategic way of procurement involves zero-risk and is 100% compliant and robust. Businesses need to adapt to the transition to achieve their business goals strategically and efficiently. She also added, as the way to do businesses is changing,  it is necessary to have the right people with the right skill sets. With artificial intelligence and robotics entering the business market, it is very important to create a balance in the digitization in all sectors to avoid unemployment.