Vice President – Facilities & Infrastructure, Security & Employee Transportation & General Services Fidelity National Financial India Private Limited

Major Aditi Mohan’s attitude towards life is so optimistic, that it is visible in every path of her journey. The transition from being an officer in uniform to the corporate world was certainly not a cake walk but with her grit and honesty, she has reached great heights.

She has worn many hats in the last 22 years of her service in this industry. Major Aditi Mohan is a true example of a woman who is ageing gracefully, as she moulds herself beautifully at every phase of her life and perceives life positively.

Procurement is about smart decision making
When it comes to procurement, it is one such field where a woman needs to be a smart decision maker. With her alertness to understand the requirements, sort out priorities, pick the right vendor, and complete the request with proper decision making, she excelled in her career.

The Book that Inspires You
“Get Better Or Get Beaten” by Robert Slater

A Quote that Inspires You
“Seva Asmakam Dharamaha” – Service is my Creed. The motto of the ASC

Embrace the Change and Close the Gap
Her words to the women of today’s time are do not wait for the moment, create one. Every woman must believe in herself and mould herself to achieve what she wants. A woman should stay humble, passionate, and mould herself in a way to adapt to different scenarios.  “It is in each one of us to create a culture of personal integrity and ethical behaviour which brings both prosperity & pride!”

The Transformation has helped Procurement to Sit at the Table amongst CXO’s
Major Aditi is happy to say that, Procurement is changing for the better. Thanks to e-procurement, you can have all you need to know and all you need to have. The best practice is to choose what’s best for the organisation. Earlier, procurement was not the players in revenue generation, but now, with the recent transformations, we get to do be one. Procurement, today is given the opportunity to sit at the table amongst the CXO’s to make critical decisions. With all these said, procurement will have a bright future in India.