Kobster's assurance on the reliable procurement of foods and beverages for Indian Corporates

Food and choice of food have been evolved over the years. And there is a whole lot of options and priorities that have got its significance on which the food and beverages industry been operating on. Corporates these days are very particular about their food & beverage procurement as it plays a major role in their stakeholders’ health and also it impacts the greater way in the functioning of their company.

Food and beverage procurement is quite a difficult process to manage. It is also an area where considerable savings can be found, or where costs can run out of control. Taking that part out, procurement is an area where plans are turned to actions, as the department looks for the best ways to put new strategies in motion.

There are many challenges which corporate faces during an F&B procurement, let us discuss them elaborately below,

Pressure to be eco-friendly:

Consumers are increasingly making sustainability a priority in their purchasing decisions. They look for products with minimal packaging, no or lesser usage of plastic bags or covers and with materials that can be recycled. However, it can be a challenge to find or produce packaging that meets those qualities while still being affordable and practical. Identifying the packaging material which is eco-friendly, researching how well it goes with the food products and several more play a vital role. Such packaging needs to be food-safe and able to contain the product without breaking or leaking. It also needs to withstand transit to the customer location.

Demand for local products

Local products are becoming more popular in the market or otherwise getting back to traditional food is popularizing among corporate employees. However, these products can be more expensive and harder to acquire in sufficient quantities.

Quickly changing food trends

Some trends last for a long time become part of the cuisine as well as customers’ pick in the food and beverage industry. However, others disappear soon after they rise to popularity. This can make it difficult for restaurants and vendors to keep up – new products take time to develop and perfect, and it can, therefore, be hard to find a supplier that can meet consumer demand when a trend arises suddenly. Companies need to balance the advantages of getting in on a new movement early with the difficulties of sourcing quality products.


Seasonality also plays a major role in F&B procurement as there are kinds of food which will be available around the year and there are certain food items which are seasonal and are available only during a specific season or time. This is one big challenge to cater the different needs of different companies and its employees.

Kobster through its vast catalogue provides a reliable and cost-effective F&B deliverable for its clients. Kobster cares the way each company cares for their employees and hence never compromise on quality. With an excellent vendor as well as logistics network, F&B procurement and delivery has been done on-time irrespective of the quantity. Kobster assures the damage free delivery and its e-procurement tool offers an option to add new items from the client’s end which can be added to the catalogue in a shorter span. F&B procurement is made easy through Kobster and it is a trustworthy decision a company makes.