Kobster makes your Corporate Gifting the most Memorable experience

Corporate Gifting has become a part and parcel of Corporate celebrations and festivities. India is no exception to that. In fact, Corporates who are based out of India, as well as the companies which have their offices/branches in India, have lot more reasons to be aware of the importance of festivals and celebrations of the country. At a broader level, it’s a time to reinforce bonds that matter by exchanging gifts, sweets and other memorable goods.

As elsewhere in the world, gift giving during the festival season gives people the opportunity to express a range of emotions from love and respect to gratitude, appreciation and togetherness. At the corporate level too, a gift can substitute a thousand words of gratitude and appreciation. So, naturally, for corporates in India, the advent of the festival season is inseparable from the excitement and joy that comes with the process of choosing and sending gifts to lists of precious stakeholders including employees, customers, vendors and Business partners.

For corporate gifting, it is all about thoughtful and useful gifts. From storable nutritious snacks like Dry Fruits, Chocolates, Sweets to customised stationery items and so on are the choice of most corporates. These gifts are usually chosen according to the stakeholders’ interest with the brand mentioned on the same. Similarly, the kind of gifts differs from one occasion to another like Calendars or Diaries for New Year and so on.

Apart from this, reusable bags, eco-friendly products like paper straws, handmade soaps and edible cutlery are good gifting options too which corporates prefer in the recent past with the evolving interest on sustainability. Stakeholders also find the importance of these goods and its need for the hour and make the best use of it.

It’s because gifts create an extraordinary impact than money on many occasions – the gift becomes more than just a present whereas it transforms into a symbol of a personal bond. One way to make a gift stand out is to use creative packaging, reminding the recipient of the extra effort, thoughtfulness and care taken when selecting the right gift.

A perfect corporate gift isn’t just about the product or the stuff which is given but the entire buying and delivery experience. Largely, organisations have four parameters when it comes to choosing a preferred gifting partner: quality, on-time delivery and dependability, the ability to customise and experience in delivering gifts at scale.

Looking in-depth on the above parameters, not a local vendor or a gift shop can do this right for a corporate rather a procurement firm with very good connectivity to the cities as well as the vendors and most importantly a reliable one who never compromises on the quality needs to be partnered with. Kobster, as a pioneer in e-procurement, has been a partner for all its clients as well as other companies regarding corporate gifting. Kobster has been the only choice of many companies as they go hand in hand with all the four significant parameters which any corporate look forward to when it comes to corporate gifting.

So, if you are looking for the perfect gift this festive season or beyond, for a multitude of business partners, employees, etc., and you want to add the joy of personalisation to each one of them, reach out to www.kobster.com for a procurement experience and an everlasting collaboration.