Administration and Procurement, Allstate Solutions Private Limited

Gazala Imam is an amiable and intellectual person. Her simplicity and her grounded attitude is something one should adopt. With over 9 years of experience in varied industries, she started her career in the Travel and then moved to HR and Administration. She believes in staying focused and is confident to contribute more to this industry.

Procurement has a Massive Learning Opportunity
Gazala finds procurement a very challenging, but also believes this industry has a massive learning opportunity. Whether the challenge is in collecting the requirements from different departments, selecting the right vendor or understanding the priorities, she has evolved as the best negotiator to close best deals with right vendors. She suggests that women should opt-in for these roles in order to learn things practically and understand the market closely.

Give your best in everything you do!
Gazala feels that no one needs to remind us what we have to achieve, as we have to stay focused and dedicated to our responsibilities.  She encourages women to be patient, be focused, and give your best in everything you do!

What is the future of procurement?
The traditional method of doing procurement will not be effective in getting accurate insights on the spend and consumption of an organisation. Therefore choosing to go digital will help businesses in strategic planning. Gazala added that there are too many people involved from the buyer’s and the suppliers end to process any order. Hence, e-procurement will become the best choice inorder to swiftly process any order.