Ease of Procuring Electronic Goods for Corporates

Electronic goods like a computer, printer, scanner, storage devices, networking peripherals and so on are mandatory for any corporation who are into manufacturing or service sector. Any data these days are computerized and hence corporates tend to invest in electronic goods which are both service requirement as well as a facility for the employees.

According to a report published by logistics firm DHL, The 21st-century spice trade: A guide to the cross-border e-commerce opportunity, which quotes the Google Consumer Barometer, what drives consumers in less mature e-commerce markets like India to shop cross-border is better quality, broader range and trustworthiness. According to the report, 42% of surveyed Indian respondents said they shop from websites abroad due to a better quality of products, while 37% liked the available offers. Electronic items (55%) and fashion apparels (45%) are among top purchases by Indian consumers, followed by beauty products and cosmetics (26%) and toys (20%).

Good news is that about 80% of Indians are aware of e-waste but as many as 50% may be hoarding at least two or more old and unused devices at home that need to be discarded, says a recent survey. Similarly, corporates also are keen about recycling and disposing of old & used electronic goods and replace them with another set of updated and brand new goods.

Kobster as an E-Procurement firm has electronic requirements as one of the four service categories which it offers for the clients. Right from Printers to Computers to Consumer Electronics everything gets covered in Kobster’s catalogue. To name them in specific, Kobster’s electronic goods catalogue comprises of refrigerators, Freezers, Conference room supplies, Storage devices, printers and supplies, auditorium supplies, hand supplies, power supplies, Computers, tablets and so on.

To avoid the fears of customers in electronic procurement, Kobster has redefined it in a transparent way which provides reliability and assures the safety and quality of the respective products. Kobster has collaborated with well-established and reputed brands. Kobster’s procurement system puts all the office supplies in an instant view making it easy-to-purchase, with the aim of providing high efficiency, effective control of time, labour and cost.

Kobster is a one-stop solution for procuring electronic requirements for corporates. Right from setting up a new branch to replacing old goods with new corporates these days prefer a reliable company. Kobster has now grown as that one company which focuses on Safety and quality in first place. Kobster assures a damage-free delivery and the quality products with a free shipment offered to its clients across India. It also assures on-time delivery and makes the big deal of procuring electronic goods very easy and transparent.