Summing up the total number of hours an employee works in an office, it ultimately becomes her/his second home. Cleanliness and Hygiene are something which an individual looks forward not only in his home but also in his office premises. A better ambience leads to a better work and thereby a better result or outcome from the employees. It’s not only the employees but also during client meetings or having guests over, cleanliness plays a major role. A dirty workspace can actually affect the progression of the company in different ways, while a good workspace provides the inhabitants not only a safer environment but also a right place to work.

Kobster, with a vast catalogue comprising of genuine products across a wide range of categories, tends to cater to the needs of people across many industries. Housekeeping supplements delivered to corporates stands as one among the top priorities of Kobster. The products from Air fresheners to Cleaning supplies to Dispensers are equally important for a corporate-like their importance in a house as they hold the hygiene element.

Cleanliness, the term is often acquainted with Professionalism. If you don’t look like an organized professional, you won’t be perceived as one, and there’s nothing more embarrassing than having your customers and clients view your business as unprofessional. By hiring a commercial service provider, you’ll make sure your business looks top notch from the moment customers or colleagues arrive at your building. Kobster provides you with almost every household product at your doorstep.

Offices, whether it is large or small, can purchase housekeeping supplies from Kobster on a regular basis. Companies mostly do a bulk purchase and for their different branches across the country also, as they rely on Kobster which put a bigger emphasis on the needs of the company or the sector and also the carefully selected list of products ensures that brand achieves all the housekeeping requirements.

Any procurement usually happens for catering two needs namely employee requirements and Facility management. Housekeeping supplies procurement is also of no difference. Air Fresheners, Repellents, Cleaning supplies, Dispensers, refills, bins and trash bags which are the facilities a corporate needs to provide as well as the Personal care stuffs like FaceOil, Sunscreen, Tissues and so on which are employee needs that are all available in the vast catalogue of Kobster Elite.

A CPO or a procurement manager can procure housekeeping supplements from the Kobster Elite, it facilitates the complete process of procurement with never felt before experience. The tool can be integrated with the customer’s internal ERP systems. The customized pricing is another USP of this tool. By the customer’s new product request, the same will be added to the catalogue in the near future. The order can be tracked and the damaged housekeeping supplements can be exchanged within another 48 hours. By powerful MIS reports and Analytics, CPOs can make strategic procurement which indeed helps them in many ways.

To conclude, procurement of housekeeping supplements from Kobster provides end to end solutions for all the housekeeping needs in a corporate. As an added value, the corporates gain 15% cost-cutting and up to 40 % increase in the productivity through the ease of procuring via Kobster Elite.