November 29th, 2016

Kobster is a B4B ecommerce firm and we are one of its kind!

Kobster is a B4B ecommerce firm and we are one of its kind!
All that we keep hearing is B2B marketing, B2B sales, B2B services and much more to this list. But isn’t it high time to declare the term “B2B” cliched?

In line with this meaning, so far businesses have marketed to, sold to, pitched to, offered services and products to and provided support to other businesses. This was very much needed as businesses needed to take their products, services and support to other business. It metaphorically meant the direction was from left to right. Just like this arrow mark “->”. One was the seller and the other was the buyer. The word ‘to‘; is so ingrained in our brains, just like the arrow, the stress was more on ‘motion or direction’. Our entire organisation structures were built to make, sell and service our customers. Along with it came top-down command and control.

While the word to always expresses getting it done, anyways. But it lacks personalization and commitment. It highly lacks accountability like when you say “I work to this company” and when you ask yourself “Why should I work to the company?”.

We are not a Business to Businesses. We are a Business for Businesses.

Does that even make a huge difference? How can just a change in a word matter?

Kobster has always believed that we are working “FOR” another business like us. Working “TO” a business is never in our agenda. We at Kobster understand each and every struggle of another Business to strive and succeed. We understand all the efforts and requirements that are to be on the table to become successful. That understanding of other Businesses is our Brownie Point. If we just work to a Business even after knowing all the struggles, there isn’t a point in doing it. That is why We Work For other Businesses.

Before we explore this new terminology, let’s understand the meaning of the preposition ‘for‘ from English dictionary.

with the object or purpose of

Suiting the purposes or needs of

Businesses have always been working towards their end goal i.e “End User Satisfaction”. In order to achieve this, the purpose of doing anything towards user satisfaction has to be made clear. The purposes are to be supported by another purpose driven force. Kobster analyses the behavior of the clients to understand more on “how they work” and “for what they work”. To make them work for their users in a better manner, we work for our clients to help them do it like a pro.

Making Procurement simple is always something that Kobster has worked for A Business’ needs are never ending. Be it raw material requirements, office supply requirements, furniture requirements, Electronics and Electricals requirement. The goal of Kobster is to make this readily available for the businesses with no prejudices and pre- recorded notions, all that we know is to make these readily available at affordable rates. You might now think “That’s what the usual vendor in the market place does right? What’s so special about in doing so?”

There you are! You did ask the right question. Let us now tell you “why we are for you, like no one else.”

Kobster’s goal is to make procurement a plain sailing task for the businesses with the right Technology in place. Kobster Elite solves all the purpose of finding the right products from the list spanning across 1 lakh+ products and at affordable budget-friendly rates.

Kobster Elite provides the user(s) a hands-on experience in making procurement a finger-tip task with special Loyalty Points that can be acquired by placing orders through the Kobster Elite Portal. This portal lets you download all your Invoices and it also helps you in understanding your spends in the form of Expenditure Charts to keep you informed on how efficiently you can spend your allocated budget. Kobster Elite is built by us just For you!

And one more thing that makes Kobster Elite For you!

Kobster Elite is a fully automated procurement tool taking care of all your inventory. The tool is self sufficient enough to understand when you will run out of products during a month based on your consumption. Kobster Elite manages your inventory and its only objective is to make the inventory self-sufficient as much as possible. Kobster Elite also manages to keep track of all your purchases and it makes you place the next order in just a click with an option called Re-order, to help you place an order in a better manner.

Customer Service just for your Business and Our Customer Service is very neighborly!

Technology takes care of everything else, what else do you want? Is what you would have thought, now. But, No! You just cannot rely on technology all the time, right? Though we have enough positive points to cover your needs, we are more obliged to provide the support that is required, always. We have always believed in effective Customer Relationships and we have always worked towards enhancing it, like no one else does. We have One Dedicated Relationship Manager for every client to solve all the issues, to answer all the queries and also to help you with your requirements that may come anytime. They are capable of helping you with any queries that you may shoot at them, from Product related queries to Delivery related queries, just everything for you! Our Customer Relationship is scripted for you!

In just simple words, Kobster Elite is for you and it’s now your time to decide if you would like a friend that is always at your service, Just For You!

November 14th, 2016

Why is it important that Procurement happens online taking the current de-monetization of currencies into account?

The recent de-monetization of Rs.1000/- and Rs.500/- is indeed a historic move by the Government of India to stabilise the Indian economy. This prevents black money being stacked and it also prevents fake notes being circulated to de-stabilise the Indian economy which is one of the most fastest growing economies in the world. The incidence of fake Indian currency notes in higher denomination has increased. For ordinary persons, the fake notes look similar to genuine notes, even though no security feature has been copied. The fake notes are used for illegal activities. High denomination notes have been misused by terrorists and for hoarding black money. India remains a cash based economy hence the circulation of Fake Indian Currency Notes continues to be a menace.

Why is it important for us to think about becoming a cashless economy and make our transcations online?

In terms of B2C ecommerces, the biggest hurdle of this de-monetization will make the Cash on Delivery (COD) fail miserably. Though the advantage of making payments online will enable them to liquidate the fund flows with e-cash, the question revolves around the existing COD orders that are either have to be cancelled or re-ordered.

B2B e-commerce companies have a little breathing space to this crisis. They have always been working on the transactions that were online or in the form of cheques or Demand Drafts which never has a cap on transaction from the Reserve Bank of India. Apart from this, the business involves with bigger Corporates, SMEs and Re-sellers who have not always believed in cash based transactions. The B2B ecommerce firm have always had a relief on Cash on Delivery orders which have been very negligble, always. This is due to the belief in technology and online transactions that the companies have always had.

Going Cashless has always had it’s advantage and this is yet to be explored by the Indian Market

Indian Market has always been working on cash. The market is so vibrant and variable that the currencies play a huge role in day to day transactions. The cash based transactions has not only been the case of individual customers walking into a market, but this has been the tradition of Corporate Admins and Procurement Managers to usually find out a vendor in the Wholesale Market and make purchase in exchange to the currencies, which might go unaccounted. The Indian Government demonetized 1000 and 500 Rupees note on November 8th, 2016 and at this juncture, everybody are clueless about making a purchase in an open market that deals with only cash. “The purchase can wait” is the most sane solution that anybody might suggest.

Kobster B2B

But why should the Purchase wait?

The usual cash-based purchases have come to a halt and the currencies have to be distributed all across the nation which is going to take its course of time to achieve near completion. The Corporate Admins/Procurement Managers who have preferred Offline Procurement methods have stopped functioning efficiently. The requirements would have shot up in the work-spaces and the only way the supplies meet the demand is to choose a more efficient procurement method – Online Procurement.

Kobster Elite could be your saviour at this point. The e-Procurement tool that is designed to take over all these commotions of currency is the only way you can still be efficient, in fact more efficient. Kobster Elite is a prodigy by itself, containing all the products that you will be needing ranging from Electronics & Electricals, Office Supplies, Pantry Supplies, Stationary supplies, Plumbing Supplies and much more!

Kobster Elite provides you with an advantage of having a credit period of 21 days and Kobster Elite accepts Visa, Maestro and MasterCard Debit/Credit Card payments. (OH! DON’T WORRY, THERE IS NO PROBLEM OF IF THE CURRENCY IS 500 or 1000). Kobster Elite also encourages Cashless payment methods like Cheque payments and Demand Draft Payments which do not have any cap on transactions as per the Reserve Bank of India norms.

Stay out of all the mess! And make the right decision today. Go Cashless, Thank us later.
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